About Finta:

Finta is a secure, cloud-based, deal room platform. Teams use Finta to improve deal workflow, insights, and speed while delivering an amazing fundraising experience. Users quickly set up a deal room for their company and have a blazing fast tool for raising capital.

Finta is made by founders for founders. Built by a team that brings with it years of experience helping thousands of entrepreneurs start their dream company, Finta was born out of a vision to help those founders grow their teams faster and more efficiently. Our continued mission is to:

“Help Founders Improve the Lives of One Billion People”.

The ideal candidate can thrive in a fast-moving, exciting startup environment (startup experience preferred), is highly organized, and has excellent written and verbal communication skills. You will have the opportunity to meet with members of the startup community, from first-time entrepreneurs to successful CEOs, and develop an understanding of the company building process.

It’s good to get an understanding of our company. We recommend that you create an account to try our product and read our blog.

What you’ll do…

  • As we have a remote-first work culture, we are looking for someone with a strong propensity towards taking action, an innate ability to prioritize, and very strong written communication skills.
  • Working with the team to build product specifications.  
  • Owning product features of the web app by defining and building new experiences.
  • Talking to customers in order to get a holistic understanding of the product’s innate value. 
  • Help define engineering culture (code reviews, style guides, deployment, etc).
  • Researching new markets opportunities and helping to define the corresponding product requirements. 
  • Executing on the product roadmap.

Who You Are…

  • Ambitious personality with an insatiable curiosity to learn. 
  • Have the desire to join an early-stage startup and help define the roadmap that contributes to the company's long-term vision.
  • Strong web development skills.
  • Customer-oriented and product minded with a palette for layout and design.
  • Willing to work in a flexible environment continually validating to ensure strong product-market fit and building features accordingly. 
  • Ability to conduct code reviews.
  • Strong communication during pair programming sessions.
  • A propensity for well-factored, clean code that other people can clearly understand and enjoy working with (including your future self in a year from now)
  • Excel Strong understanding of JavaScript and programming fundamentals
  • Strong understanding of REST and web technologies
  • Understanding of React.js and its component libraries
  • Understanding of version control, comfortable using git
  • Strong understanding of database technologies and thinking in terms of NoSQL
  • Ability to integrate with third-party libraries and APIs


  1. Click here to send us an email: Please include an introduction, what value you are excited to bring to this role, and a link to a portfolio or sample of something you have built in your past work.