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“Finta helped us close almost $100k of our investor pipeline in just our first 24 hours of using their software.”
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CRM with AI automation at its core

The world's first GPT powered CRM, built explicitly for creating meaningful investor interactions and automatically driving your funnel forward with AI personalized email scripts.
Investor CRM
Finta Investor CRM
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Investor Database

Get the right investors for your deal

Finta A.I. automatically uses your deal information to prospect the best investors for your company's offering.
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Recommended Investors
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Deal Rooms

One shareable deal link

Share your link to privately allow investors to commit and send funds.
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1. Prepare Your Deal –  Upload your pitch deck. Include as little or as much information as you'd like.

2. Identify Target Investors Find the right investors for your company.

3. Launch Deal OutreachFinta's CRM provides one epic mission control for all your investor relations.

Investment Processing

Money in the bank

Securely accept investment fund transfers in your deal room through a simple ACH, check, or wire.
Finta Deal Room Terms
Make Investment
Wayne Enterprises
Equity Management

Activate your investors and advisors

Cap table management including support for multiple classes of shares, employee stock option pool, convertibles, warrants, and more.
Shares Issued
78% of Authorized Shares
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Alexis Ohanian
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Clair Byrd
Virtual Data Room

Share diligence documents with ease

Securely share your documents through your deal room, with real-time notifications, security permissions and insights such as time spent in deal room.
Due Diligence
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Finta Data Room Upload

Venture Capital. Real Estate. Growth. Private Equity. Debt. Infrastructure. Any terms you need. The future of fundraising has arrived.

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