Katerina Dimitratos
Finta Team Member Arnav Matta
Mike Baumwoll, CEO of Rep'd

Companies achieve results when they use Finta.

Epoch uses Finta to manage investors.

​​As soon as we joined Finta, we closed almost $100k of our investor pipeline in just our first 24 hours.” - Katerina Dimitiatos, COO

Key metrics

Deals in the last quarter - Thousands of company's trust Finta to power their fundraise and investor relations.
Deal volume last quarter – Company's close on millions of dollars using Finta's investor CRM and deal rooms.
Investor leads – Finta automatically prospects the highest quality investors for your company.

Success stories

No published case studies.

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“In short, Finta is an end-to-end platform for fundraising.I’ve used it for both our friends & family round and Repd's seed round.Easy, comprehensive, and a total game changer! 🙌 ”

Mike Baumwoll, CEO of Rep'd
Mike Baumwoll
Co-Founder, Rep'd


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