Founded in March 2021, Epoch is developing a mobile app where anyone who is looking to buy a home—whether in a few months or a few years—can be empowered with the knowledge of how a mortgage works, how to qualify for a mortgage, and even receive insights on how to increase your buying power. 

Each Epoch subsidiary offers unique products related to real estate including:

  • Epoch Lending:  Consumer Mortgages.
  • Epoch Property Transfer: Title Insurance & Settlement Services.
  • Epoch Insurance: Property & Casualty Insurance.
  • Epoch Tech: Innovative white-label solutions for brokers, banks, financial companies, and consumers. 

Today, with revenues exceeding $5M, Epoch is looking to disrupt the mortgage industry using their platform, rethinking the way we prepare for and apply for mortgages.

Why did Epoch choose Finta and why should you?

As we all know, fundraising is a formal process. It takes quite a bit of time and often more than what we expect. For the average founder, this process can take an average of three to six months, but if this is your first rodeo, this can take even longer. Between the constant travel, networking, practice pitches and all-around madness, its a constant battle to maintain the attention of investors and stay organized.

As Katerina, COO of Epoch Lending aptly puts, 

“It’s frustrating to have piecemeal documents, annoying to track investors in excel, hold hundreds of calls and keep that organized by stage. There was no risk in trying the platform. Finta came in and once we signed up we knew this was the solution we had been searching for."

Finta was an attractive option for Epoch, as a one-stop shop solution for all of their fundraising needs. Unlike other crowdfunding/fundraising platforms, Finta doesn’t take a portion of the raise, meaning every dollar you get from investors goes right back into your company. Additionally there are no costly regulatory and legal barriers to entry, allowing you to begin running the process right away and saving you thousands before the raise has even begun. Finta further multiplied those savings for Epoch by offering our users access to the investor database, a pool of industry leading Venture Capital Funds and Accredited investors who curated specifically for Epoch's deal.

At the end of the day, you control how much information you want to share, who you want to share it with, and your speed in crushing your fundraising goals.

Using our data migration tool and investor database, Epoch was able to get up and running within 24 hours with her virtual deal room, able to engage their investors instantaneously through a single shareable link. Our automated investor CRM tool tracked all of their investor metrics and contacts, while additionally providing key investor-engagement information. Allowing Epoch to be more strategic with their investor touch points. Within one customization dashboard, Epoch had traction information on the investors that visited their deal room, opened their links, downloaded their documents and much more. Giving Epoch the tools to close their deal quickly.