Society underwent vast changes during the pandemic. Mike Baumwoll is helping the civic world change with it through authentic communication.

His company, Rep’d, (short for “Represented”,) built a communications platform for political candidates to engage in meaningful conversations on the campaign trail. It’s a way for stakeholders to ask relevant questions and get unvarnished answers away from the chaos of social media (it’s not a coincidence that Baumwoll previously spent more than six years at Twitter).

Something energizing has happened since Baumwoll ramped Rep’d into gear in 2021. The candidates who use Rep’d started winning – and taking the platform with them as elected representatives. Now municipalities across the U.S. are starting to adopt Rep’d as a new way to listen and talk to residents. Rep’d expects revenue to increase more than 200% in 2023, compared to the year earlier.

Rep'd uses Finta for managing their investor pipeline.

Amidst two years of breakneck building, Baumwoll needed help collecting checks to support current and future growth. So he turned to Finta to empower Rep'd fundraising. Finta is a fundraising CRM that focuses on the early stages of the entrepreneurial journey, with a suite of personalized and clarifying tools that build founders up while driving the fundraising process forward automatically. So far Baumwoll has raised his first few hundred thousand in pre-seed funding on Finta – and plans to keep using the platform in future, larger raises.

“Finta has been a catalyst to our company's fundraising. Helping us establish a clear base understanding of the fundraising process while I was juggling many other things at Rep’d,” Baumwoll said.

“Finta guides you through a base understanding of the fundraising process to clarify any confusing industry jargon. And it's technology helps manage that process, from authentic investor connections, to sharing data rooms, to accepting money transfers.”

Here are three ways Rep’d used Finta, according to Baumwoll:

  • Cap table: The administrative side of trading equity for growth cash is not easy! That’s especially true when you’re still collecting small checks from private investors in the early days. Finta’s cap table tool is a cheat code for managing multiple classes of shares in an easy-to-read format.
  • Data room: Finta’s data room allows you to easily share all relevant information with potential investors, instead of the cumbersome process of emailing. Bring all of your documents into one place, where they’ll stay protected until someone else needs to see them.
  • Educational resources: Finta’s not just a CRM tool, it’s built to be a founder’s best friend through the fundraising process. The carefully curated content empowers and energizes a company to make sure it is prepared, make meaningful connections with investors, and ultimately to close deals that work with both parties.

At Finta, we are committed to improving how founders find, connect with, and secure the resources they need to bring their ideas to life. By leveraging our AI-powered fundraising copilot, we aim to make the fundraising process more efficient, empathetic, and accessible to all. As you embark on your fundraising journey, we hope the knowledge shared in this article will help you find the right investors and successfully navigate the complex world of venture capital.