👋 Passionate About Helping Founders

Finta's team is on a mission to help founders improve the lives of one billion people.

In order to truly be “Value Add” in this next decade, investors will need to help founders in new ways, beyond just information and money.

We believe the best investors will do so by leveraging private market software for founders. This is our motivation behind building Finta.

Talia Goldberg - Bessemer Venture Partners
"Entrepreneurs that expand private market participation will shape culture and economic opportunity for decades. ”

Venture Capital. Real Estate. Growth. Private Equity. Debt. Infrastructure. Any terms you need. The future of fundraising has arrived.

Our Principals

Support FoundersHere’s to the crazy ones. This is the way.

Assist Investors – In a frenetic market with unprecedented workloads, we are here to help.

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We are growing our remote team of operators.