Go Fund Yourself T-Shirt

$ 14.00 USD
Unveiling the "Go Fund Yourself" T-shirt: where audacity meets autonomy. At a first glance, it's a sassy rebuttal to the venture capitalist aristocracy. But delve a little deeper and it's an ode to the founder's journey, laden with the grit to self-fund and the guts to dream big. With Finta, you're not just wearing your defiance; you're embracing the power to literally 'go fund yourself'. This shirt isn’t just a conversation starter, it’s a statement of self-reliance in a world obsessed with external validation. Made with 100% ring-spun cotton to keep you comfy as you hustle, it's not just a tee, it's a badge of honor for the relentless entrepreneur in you. Plus, the durable double stitching ensures it’ll withstand the rigors of startup life, just like your resolve. Grab yours and wear the entrepreneurial spirit on your sleeve, or in this case, across your chest.
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