When Samantha on our team, first suggested the concept for this sweatshirt, we immediately did a liquid death water spit take from laughing so hard. It was so brilliant we had to make it happen! Along with a giveaway, details below, to celebrate the launch of Finta Pitch Deck Links!

Introducing the "Go Fund Yourself" Zip-Up.

This sweatshirt is your cozy companion in the relentless venture of funding. This isn’t just a hoodie, it’s a warm hug to the audacious founder in you who chooses to tread the un-ventured path. The snazzy slogan isn’t just a playful dig at the traditional venture capitalist milieu. Shed that Patagonia Better Sweater, and don this clarion call to embrace the power of self. With Finta, you aren't just venturing to 'go fund yourself', you're echoing the ethos of self-reliance.

Share Your Deck Link & Win Your Sweatshirt Now

The first 5 people to email their Finta pitch deck link will receive a free sweatshirt! Click here to copy your pitch deck link and here to send us a quick email, with it included! 

Get Your Zip Up While Supplies Last

Missed the contest but still, ready to make a statement? Wrap yourself in motivation and let the world know you're here to fund your future. But hurry – this hooded sweatshirt is here now to make a mark, just like you.

Order the Finta "Go Fund Yourself" Zip-Up Hoodie now.

Crafted with soft, premium quality fleece fabric, it’s designed to keep you snug as you hustle, and the jersey-lined hood is as comforting as the prospect of securing that next funding round on your own terms. The durable stitching stands as a metaphor for your unwavering resolve in the face of startup adversities. Slide into this hoodie, zip up, and wear your defiance against the conventional with pride and a touch of humor. Venture to 'go fund yourself', and let this hoodie be the emblem of your entrepreneurial spirit, as comfy as your next cap table should be tidy.

Stay bold, stay cozy, and remember: the best ventures are those fueled by your passion and a good laugh.