We have been building Finta to be your one fundraising app to replace them all - giving users all the tools they need to streamline the fundraising process end to end so that founders can focus on building real investor relationships. We’ve been working on building and growing Finta over the last year and we’ve had a fantastic response from our users so far. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped founders raise millions of dollars!

In addition to our (actually useful) free-forever plan features, we’re giving a FREE MONTH OF PREMIUM FEATURES for our Product Hunt launch! We now have:

✅ Secure deal rooms that can be shared with a single link.
✅ Deal rooms allow you to attach and include due diligence docs in a single place.
✅ Automated CRM that moves contacts through the funnel automatically as they use your deal room.
✅ Automatic scriptwriting for your email outreach.
✅ Investor database that you can get matched with the best quality investors for your company.
… and a lot more!

Would love to know your thoughts and any feedback, as we are constantly improving Finta and your feedback will have a big impact :) Thank you so much!