We get it—fundraising can be a daunting task. That's why we've reimagined our 2023 Fundraising Playbook to focus on the "how-to" of fundraising. With Finta as your fundraising copilot, you'll navigate the funding landscape with unparalleled efficiency. It's not just an update; it's a whole new level of empowerment designed to provide a smoother, more insightful journey from proposal to close.

Finta's 2023 Fundraising Playbook

Run a Strong Fundraising Process:

Join Finta over the coming weeks and transform your company’s fundraising process. Here's how:

1) Prepare Your Deal Materials:

The first step in any successful fundraising journey is preparation. Our playbook includes a comprehensive checklist to set your sails for smooth sailing:

  • Building Your Pitch Deck: Capture your vision in a compelling narrative.
  • Creating Your Financial Projection Model: Understand your cash needs accurately.
  • Organizing Common Due Diligence Items: Ensure you're ready for investor scrutiny.

2) Prospect Your Target Investors:

Selecting the right investors is crucial. With Finta’s Investor Tracker serving as your CRM, you have a unified command center for investor research and outreach:

  • Prospecting Existing Connections: Unlock your existing network.
  • Prospecting New Target Investors: Expand your reach with thoughtful research.
  • Utilizing Warm Intro Pathways: Know how to approach each potential investor effectively.

3) Deal Outreach:

This is where the rubber meets the road. Most successful fundraisers need to take over 100 meetings to close a round, so persistence and resilience is key:

  • Getting In Touch With Target Investors: Initiate conversations through warm introductions.
  • Having Meetings: Run a smooth meeting.
  • Sharing Diligence Materials: Provide all the necessary information to seal the deal.
  • Closing Interested Investors: Keep the momentum going until the money is in the bank.

Why Finta?

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Why Download The Fundraising Playbook?

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How to Get Finta's 2023 Fundraising Playbook:

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