About Finta:

Finta is a secure, cloud-based, deal room platform. Teams use Finta to improve deal workflow, insights, and speed while delivering an amazing fundraising experience. Users quickly set up a deal room for their company and have a blazing fast tool for raising capital.

Finta is made by founders for founders. Built by a team that brings with it years of experience helping thousands of entrepreneurs start their dream company, Finta was born out of a vision to help those founders grow their teams faster and more efficiently. Our continued mission is to:

“Help Founders Improve the Lives of One Billion People”.

The ideal candidate can thrive in a fast-moving, exciting startup environment (startup experience preferred), is highly organized, and has excellent written and verbal communication skills. You will have the opportunity to meet with members of the startup community, from first-time entrepreneurs to successful CEOs, and develop an understanding of the company building process.

It’s good to get an understanding of our company. We recommend that you create an account to try our product and read our blog.

What you’ll do…

  • Help define and refine the Finta growth model
  • Measure progress week over week
  • Ensures leads are properly contacted
  • Performs product demos
  • Follow up to close customers after product demos

Who You Are…

  • Is open to running with things and taking ownership,  
  • Likes to innovate on existing process to find improvements
  • Great with communication skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Solid time-management skills
  • Watches inspirations sales scenes from movies like Glengarry Glen Ross every morning


  1. Click here to send us an email: Please include an introduction, what value you are excited to bring to this role, and a link to a portfolio or sample of something you have built in your past work.
  2. Message @TheSiskar on Twitter to say you have applied to Finta.

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